CBD Made Simple

Hazel Hills CBD is about sticking with the essentials. We have streamlined our manufacturing process and product selection, so our customers get premium, natural CBD at an affordable price. If you’re ready for CBD at its best – Get Hazel Hills CBD!

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CBD has never been more available - and the essentials have never been more important.

We are bringing CBD back to its roots. Beneath the rolling American hills is some of the most fertile soil, the world has ever known. We use 100% American-grown crops to make our products because we know the best CBD comes from the best plants.

What's in your CBD? We have found that the best products use independent lab verification to ensur


Natural living is catching on. More and more Americans are turning to to this natural substance 


Healing in a bottle? Another CBD study is underway looking for connections between the ca


Hazel Hills CBD is about discovering what works best for you!

No two people are the same. We have developed a range of CBD oils, topicals, and gummies so you can enjoy CBD on your terms. We’re proud to offer a streamlined collection that remains simple to understand and easy to use.

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Simple and effective are the two words we had in mind when developing our product line. Check it out for yourself!

Lab tests confirm the accuracy and potency of Hazel Hills CBD!

CBD has never been more popular. Other companies think more production means less attention to detail. It’s never been more critical to know precisely what goes your body. That's why we stand behind our products with rigorous third-party testing and have the data to back them up!

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Finally! CBD that's easy to understand! 

I have seen so many CBD companies come and go with all sorts of confusing products and jargon it was intimidating to buy. Hazel Hills makes CBD EZ!

- Leslie M.

Exactly what I was looking for! 

I'm a huge advocate of the healing properties of cannabis. I have VERY high requirements for my CBD products and Hazel Hills surpassed every expectation! Grade A+!

- Steve G

Their products make each other better! 

I've enjoyed Hazel Hills Gummies for a long time, but I like them even better when I combine them with their oil. I ordered their cream to see how it goes. Love their service!

- Maria R.

Stress free with my work!

I work construction and I started taking CBD for my back. The crew gets random drug tests so it helps knowing that these products are verified by a lab. That's one less thing I have to stress about.

- Kyle S.